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Hall of Honor

Hall of Honor

The hallway displays 22 crosses that are representative of and an education piece which powerfully brings awareness to Veteran and Active Duty Service Member suicides. It also displays black and white pencil drawings of Post 9/11 Veterans who didn’t die on the battlefield, but due to many other reasons. These drawings are poignant reminders of difficulties Veterans face after active duty service to our country. In addition, the hallway contains likenesses of two Vietnam Veteran Medal of Honor recipients, SP4 Leonard Alvarado and SSGT Larry Pierce. This area also includes America’s cost of freedom by listing the number of brave lives lost in each of our wars since the American Revolution.


This reverent place in the Gallery was established on June 9, 2020.  On this date, Mr. Dennis Farmer, CEO and Founder of Legacy Village (a Veterans Administration inpatient program for drug and alcohol treatment) and a group of Veterans from their weekly Vet 2 Vet Recovery meeting came to the Gallery for a private tour. Upon completion of the tour, along with a great question & answer session in the Education Room, Mr. Farmer asked about available sponsorship of the Vietnam Memorabilia Room. He said that Legacy Village would be honored to make a contribution. He then committed $10,000, with a $5000 donation immediately and $1000 per month for the remaining five months of 2020.

Dennis felt the crosses and drawings strongly align with issues similar to challenges and difficulties the Veterans at Legacy Village are working through. At that point, Dennis and Jason Geis, Executive Director and Co-founder of the Gallery, agreed on a name for the hallway.

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